Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I like buildings, especially brutalist and modernist ones. No matter the style however, every building has at least one or two features that make me smile. Except Darling Harbour in Sydney which sickens me. Anyway, I am happily becoming obsessed with building facades. I am consciously avoiding standard building photographs, of which I have taken thousands - the entire building perfectly framed, people walking by, a bit of sky, etc. I am talking about the entire frame of the photograph filled with the building's facade. The lines and geometry of windows and floors, wall textures, air conditioning units, whatever, filling the photograph frame from corner to corner. The Sydney Opera House, Australia Square and Blues Point Tower make me weak. Reflecting on the demolition of the old State Office block to make way for Chifley Tower in Sydney makes me want to cry. This is the beginning of an ongoing series.